mibrasa-charcoal-oven-steaks-the-sir-george-jugiong-pubOur chef Nick, flexes his kitchen muscles combining old faithfuls with modern flair. You will find your steak sandwich, but you will also experience char-grilled lamb cutlets from our Mibrasa charcoal oven, reinventing the quintessential pub grub.

The ocean will feel a stones throw away with our daily deliveries of fresh seafood from the South Coast, prawns to swordfish, our evolving menu will please all the salt hungry seaman’s. Gino’s of Jugiong supply our produce, Gino himself sources the very best from the Sydney Markets and delivers to us directly.

sharing-platters-the-sir-george-jugiong-pubThe cheese selection is vast, from local to imported, curated by our cheesemonger Kim to suit, and challenge all palettes. Never fear, 24 months DOP Parmesan can always be found.

You will find something to suit  carnivores, kale-chompers, and the fussiest of children with our easy going, tasty and healthy kids menu. Knowing your producer, and your produce, is key to our team and we are proud to know most of our suppliers, many local, and how our selection ends up at our door.