beers-on-tapA watering hole, where the beer is always cold, Rose crisp, and a cider you won’t forget. Perch with Sir George the Pheasant at the front bar, or retire to the Ladies Saloon, or Whisky Lounge. You will soon be pulled into a yarn with a local, who’s father’s, father most likely had his first illicit drink here.

Kim, our sommelier has selected the finest local and imported wines, and our team behind the bar can assist with finding the perfect pairing for your meal, or create a sensational cocktail that you can retreat under the Living Pergola with.

   Wine list

Our beer selection is constantly evolving, from the stockmans tipple, to the tastiest of Australia’s boutique brews.

   Beer and Spirits

Whether stopping for a break on your travels, or tucking in for a night out, we have the spirits to keep you cheery, and the local banter that makes you want to return.