“A prolific artist”, “an exquisitely polished musician of depth & craft”, A musical craftsman & performer”, “Dean is one the the true talents of the Australian music scene”. These are words that have been used to describe world-class musician, Dean Haitani.

With his unique finger style and soulful earthy vocals, Dean Haitani draws inspiration from blues & roots music, and his love of funk and old school R&B rhythms.

One of Australian most accomplished guitarist/singer/songwriter, over the last 20 years Dean has toured the US, UK & Europe. His unique sound comes from his experimentation with the technical and his ability to cross many musical genres.

Dean’s has honed the craft of both acoustic & electric guitar and his dynamic live performance comprises of foot percussion, a variety of guitars (running octave, delay, distortion, phaser & wah effects) vocals & harmonica.

Dean is currently touring promoting his 14th studio album “47 stones”. Over the course of more than 20 years, dean has evolved, developed, and challenge himself as a musician. Stylistically, Dean’s music is Roots Music – a melting pot of funky rhythms, jazzy influenced progressions, folk subtleties, country flavours & blues grit. Dean’s band shows range from raw 3 piece to full band(Keys, backup vocals, horn sections, Cello & the list goes on). His music is contemporary, forever pushing the musical envelope, his stories are from his heart & mind with compassion for humanity. “I always try to look at the world in a positive way with all its marvels & flaws”

He has many successes, including US radio play, touring in Europe, Australia and the US as well as supprtinh high profile acts such as James Morrison and Glenn Shorrock in 2018. A number of Dean’s songs have been covered by good friend and award winning blues musician Mark Riley in Seattle USA. Being closely related musically to Van,Morrison, Dave Matthews, Jonathan Butler, Amos Lee, Albert Collins & Dallas Green, Dean is a broad-minded person who is not afraid to cross musical genres.

Dean was born in a small town in Victoria, Australia where his earliest influence was his father, James, played the piano, piano accordion, harmonica player & was an articulate poet, & his mothers voice, “Having a voice of an angel” as Dean describes her.

As a child, Dean was exposed to the music of the 1920’s onwards through his father’s record & reel to reel collections. including country artists such as Hank William’s, Slim Whitlam, Willie Nelson, Freddie Fender, old-time honky tonk music and classical & he could also not help being exposed to Japanese music that his mother would sing around the house. Even before Dean was a musician he had a solid grounding for all types of music.

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