Tony J King’s signature sound is hard to pin down. Cycling between the contemporary alt-roots sound, to the jiving, dirty tunes of the 40’s and 50’s, King oscillates between worlds, sounds and moods.

Tony J King has had decades of experience in order to perfect and change and shift his art. His fascination with the unusual, the exotic and the downright bizarre is at the heart of his craft. His songs delve into the darker and mysterious side of the flawed and the famous, the wild and the wicked.

King’s epic career resume makes you want to go home and do your musical homework. Having grown up in the ‘Northern Badlands’ of South Australia as a migrant in the sixties, Tony has put his hand to many a unique and interesting job from truck driver to salesman, teacher to labourer…but always with music as his prime directive.

In the classic tradition of ‘one man street corner troubadours’ King plys his musical trade on the ever-faithful ‘Harmony Rocket’ guitar, foot drum and tambourine, all the while singing his experiences and relating random fascinations.

320 Riverside Dr, Jugiong NSW 2726